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Development of a Stability-Indicating Analytical Method 


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Course Description:

This course will cover all the steps involved in the development of analytical procedures with an emphasis on the liquid chromatography technique (LC-UV and LC-MS), including regulatory and compendial aspects (USP GC <476>, <1080> and <1220>) .

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Couse Duration (hh:mm:ss): 18:00:00

Amanda Guiraldelli, Ph.D. – Scientific Affairs Manager – U.S.Pharmacopeia

Caroline Lima de Oliveira, MSc. – Analytical Development Coordinator – Blau

Diego Soares Domingues, PhD. – Scientific Director – Scientia Consultoria Científica

Jefferson Luiz Fonseca da Silva, MSc.- Research and Analytical Development Manager – Vitamedic

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Lima Barros de Araujo. – FCF – Universidade de São Paulo

Marina Ansolin, PhD. – Liquid Chromatography Technical Support Specialist – Waters Brasil

Rafael Maranho, MSc – Strategic Customer Development Executive – U.S. Pharmacopeia

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