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As researchers and manufacturers race to develop the next therapy or vaccine in the fight against COVID-19, demonstrating quality, safety, and efficacy is critical but part of an even bigger manufacturing and supply chain puzzle. Most vaccines and some therapies, especially biologics, require distribution channels that keep them cold and sterile all the way to the patient. Many of these candidates will compete for the same raw materials including pharmaceutical-grade glass vials, syringes, bags, transfer sets, filters, stoppers, etc. Additionally, each product will have to be carefully handled to ensure it stays potent in order to do its job effectively. Join the U.S. Pharmacopeia, an independent, nonprofit, scientific organization that sets quality standards for medicines, for a panel discussion with leaders in biologics development, quality, distribution, and manufacturing as well as suppliers of some of these common items who will share their experience and ways to mitigate risk to bringing products to patients around the world.

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